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What is a Gnat

The Gnat is a delta shaped radio controlled flying aerial shotgun target. It has ten Firebird explosives on the underside of the wing, which are used for scoring. Generally the Gnat is shot at in teams of 4/5 guns and the aim of the exercise is to ultimately shoot it down. It can been done but it takes a lot of skill to do so.

Since it's inception there have been many developments to improve the Gnat with the emphasis on safety being paramount. The Gnat as we see it today is the best it has ever been.

Unlike most model aircraft that have flying restrictions due to wind speed and weather the Gnat can and has been flown in all weathers. We are proud to say that to date we have never had to cancel a Gnat Shoot due to the weather. This is mainly due to the skills of our pilots who have many years experience in flying model fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

The Gnat has proved to be a popular addition to Clay Shooting Events particularly Charity events where it has helped to raise many thousands of pounds for Charities such as The Princes Trust, Starlight and Sight Savers.

Our clients have enjoyed Gnat shooting for over a decade and include celebrities such as Peter Jones & Theo Paphitis from The Dragons Den, Jerry Haliwell, David Beckham, David Coultard, Gordon Ramsey and many more.

We work with renowned Shooting Schools/Grounds such as Holland & Holland Shooting Ground, Royal Berkshire Shooting School, Barbury Shooting School and many corporate companies such as Events by  Cavendish.

In 2013 we were invited to the Scottish Game Fair for the first time. We have been back for the following 2 years with this year seeing record numbers of people having a shoot at the Gnat.

We can cater for small groups such as Stag parties, medium sized private functions with groups of 12 or more and larger events with up to 75 teams of 4 guns.

How we operate

Our Gnat system can be hired all year round for almost any event, from small private parties right up to large corporate / charity events where the Gnat brings a unique dynamic new experience to any type of event.

The gnats can be hired as a stand alone system or can be integrated into your other stands and often shot in conjuction with clay targets.

The Gnat system consists of a mobile launcher, pilot and technician, mini marquee and enough Gnat targets and explosive pods for a fun days shooting.

Our operating requirements

For safety reasons the Gnat is best suited to operating in rural areas, clear of obstructions such as power-lines, telegraph poles, trees etc.  An ideal location would be a large open field equating to 2 - 3 football pitches in size. Shooting in a northerly direction is preferred so as to keep the sun behind the guns.


Note: If you are unsure about your location being a suitable operating area for the Gnats then please contact us, our team are here to help.

We have 4x4 vehicles that tow our equipment/launcher trailer to your destination.